El Último Mambo

Datum / Tijd

za 26 aug 2017
16:15 - 18:15
Dit optreden heeft in het verleden plaatsgevonden!


The Band

Want to feel like you are in Latin-Amerika, while actually being in rainy Holland? Come to a performance of El Último Mambo! El Último Mambo was founded in October 2015. It is a fully equipped Latin Jazz band consisting of around 15 students from Delft. All students are a member of the Delftse Studenten Jazz Vereniging Groover. We will take you on a journey from Latin-jazz to Salsa and Cumbia. Our repertoire includes songs like La Vida Est Un Carnaval, Montuno and the classic La Rebelion. Music to dance to and just have a good time!

New Members

El Último Mambo consists fully of students. This means that every once in a while someone leaves the band because of their study. Every half year auditions are hosted if there are available places. We are looking for students of the TU Delft who have sufficient experience in playing their instrument. The rehearsals with the band are to improve the sound of the band and not to improve your personal skill.

For specific information about the auditions it is recommended to follow us on Facebook and keep an eye out on our website.

Where To Find Us

El Último Mambo can be found all over the internet. Most up-to-date will be our Facebook page:


On this page all relevant links and info can be found.

We strive to have all relevant and up-to-date data on our website:


On the website you can find all necessary information about the band and how to book a performance.

We recommend referring to either our Facebook page or website when you are promoting us on your event.

Additionally, some videos of performances can be found on our Youtube channel:




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