Datum / Tijd

zo 26 aug 2018
16:30 - 17:45
Dit optreden heeft in het verleden plaatsgevonden!


Flow combines the freedom and feeling of Jazz with the grooves and sound of more electronic genres. This results in music that has two faces: an organic side, with sounds tending towards the acoustic; and an electronic side, with a harder sound that incorporates synthesizers for example. In their live shows, Flow shows both of these faces and lets them work together to create a unique and energetic atmosphere. In 2015, they have captured this atmosphere on their debut album Synergy and in 2016 on their EP one.five. They’re currently working on new compositions for their second album and they would very much like to give you an early listen during one of their performances!

Gerran Lankhorst – Keys and Synthesizers

Nanne Aben – Bas guitar

Sebas Joosten – Drums